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Electric Playground Goes Daily on G4 TechTV Canada

[1]G4techTV [2] is pleased to announce the Telly-Award winning TV series The Electric Playground [3] is expanding to offer viewers daily gaming, tech and entertainment news. Starting August 18, 2008, EP Daily will air on G4techTV from Monday to Friday, at 6pm ET.

After 12 successful years as a weekly TV series, The Electric Playground will continue to bring viewers all the latest news and product reviews from the gaming universe and will expand its content as part of the move to a daily show. The show will continue to go on location and behind the scenes to provide interviews with video game developers, previews of upcoming games, industry news, technology features and celebrity gamer segments, as well as a look at the latest gadgets, toys and comics. Under the new daily format, the show will also feature the who’s who of filmmakers, animators, musicians, novelists, visual effects professionals and athletes, as well as the low down on cool websites, gadgets, television programs, movies and the top gaming and consumer tech conventions. [3]

“We are thrilled to expand the content focus of The Electric Playground,” said Alain Strati, General Manager, G4techTV. “Our partnership with the show’s producers, Greedy Productions, which led to the revamping of the show, is part of G4’s commitment to outstanding programming, and highlights the amazing home-grown production talent we have in Canada.”

“The Electric Playground’s content is expanding, but our on location and behind-the-scenes production focus isn’t changing,” said Victor Lucas, Host and Executive Producer of The Electric Playground. “Starting this fall, The Electric Playground will have full time crews in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Montreal, Toronto and our home base in Vancouver. A part time crew is already situated in Sydney, Australia and crews in more cities are planned over the next several months.”