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Slick Entertainment Announces New Title

[1] Vancouver – Slick Entertainment [1] has announced their next game project – Scrap [2] [2] Metal [2] will be a fast-paced, top-down arcade style racing game. Judging from the game’s preview, the graphics, effects and audio are going to be top-notch. Racers will have the opportunity to not only own the track in head to head competition, there will be the option to shoot your opponent off the track or blow their vehicle into tiny little pixels. With so many destructible objects and vehicles which range from chunky to sleek, Scrap Metal looks like it will [3]offer many playable and replayable hours of entertainment. Slick Entertainment, along with partner Metanet are the developers of the 2008 PopVox Award-winning game N+ for best Console or PC Game. No release date has been announced for Scrap Metal.

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