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Game Portal Lets Players Vote For Next Game Created

SwitchIn [1] VancouverSwitchin.net [1], a leading free 3d online gaming portal popular with over 1.5 million monthly gamers, has allowed its fans to participate in creating the next game by opening a poll to let it’s users vote what game is created next.

With a variety of online worlds specializing in avatar customization, human and animal alike, Switchin.net, which is owned and operated by Sanity Check Entertainment Inc. [2] has presented its users the options of voting between 5 various animal themed games. This use of community empowerment seems to be unique among most independent game developers who rarely offer development decisions open to their audiences. Switchin.net has embraced this choice stating they can be confident their next 3d online game will be a popular choice with its fans.

“This is a unique chance for our players to feel involved in the decision process. We receive hundreds of suggestions a week so we decided by opening a poll we could accurately develop the next successful game.” said Simon Hatch, co-owner of SwitchIn. “We wanted our players to feel like they are part of a community where their voice is heard. I haven’t seen many independent game developers offer their fans a choice and I think we can capitalize on that fact.”