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SIGGRAPH Vancouver Presents A Prince of Persia Evening with Ubisoft

Modern Princesses: Bringing Elika to Life in Prince of Persia

Siggraph Vancouver [1] VancouverACM SIGGRAPH Vancouver Chapter [1] will be hosting an evening with Ubisoft Producer Ben Mattes and Team Leader Matthew Clark [2] on Wednesday, February 11 at the VanCity Theatre in Vancouver. The evening’s topic will cover the design and development of Elika, the Prince of Persia’s new AI-controlled companion. As stated on the event’s Prince of Persia [3]information page, “The science of creating a relationship between the player and the controllable, main character is a well-documented one. (3Cs, etc.) The same can be said about the art of establishing relationships between characters themselves. Therefore, the challenge for Prince of Persia was to create a bond between the player and a character over which he has no control. The presentation will explore and expose the animation and programming techniques used to create such a bond.”

Tickets for this event are now on sale, please check the event site [2] for more details. Admission is $20.00 for non-members [4], $10.00 for members.