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Kard Combat Released In Canada By Hothead Games

Hothead Games [1]Hothead Games [1] has made an exclusive Canadian launch of its latest iPhone title Kard Combat [2], and the developer is asking for your feedback before the game goes to a global release. Available as a free download, Kard Combat is Open Feint enabled, and offers In-App purchases to expand the game’s play as well as a multi-player mode.Kard Kombat Mages [3]

According the game’s official site [4], The Kard is an elite order of wealthy magi. Collectively, they use their immense power to rule over the Forbidden Kingdom from the Black Tower. However, every thousand years there is a shift and they each vie for control of the Tower in a battle of cards and magic.

Players can choose from either a quick duel or a full campaign in Tower Mode. In Tower Mode, each battle takes place on a successive floor of the Black Tower. It is the player’s goal to ascend the Tower floor by floor, ultimately defeating Master Mage Harkus. Only in his defeat can players realize their destiny and determine the fate of the people for the next millennium.

Tower Mode battles often have unique win conditions and special Kards in play that can drastically alter the strategy that players need to employ to defeat their opponent. The deck is made up of over 100 hand-crafted cards and there are four mage-types, each with their own special powers, from which to choose.

According to the game’s site, Kard Combat has a lot of the depth of a collectable card game but without the Kard Kombat Fire Cards [5]massive time and money investments that they typically require. At its heart, Kard Combat is a strategy game where players learn how to use the Kards they are dealt at the beginning of a duel most effectively.

It’s much more of a game of skill than chance, though. Players will often be able to choose their reward for winning a battle in Tower Mode, including Kards that will then become part of their deck. While not a traditional CCG, there is collection involved. Each mage has their own set of unique Kards for you to collect as you fight your way up each floor of the Tower. These unique Kards open up very different strategies to the player.

Check out the game’s site [4] where you can learn more about Kard Kombat and look at more of the game’s awesome artwork. Kard Kombat is rated 12+ for the following:

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later.