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Brawl Busters Launches Phase Two of Closed Beta

rock hippo productions [1]Rock Hippo Productions [1] has launched the Second Phase of Closed Beta for its online multiplayer action game, Brawl Busters [2]. Closed Beta Phase Two offers a network upgrade, a new map, new items and a special invitation system for existing players to invite friends to play without a need for a Beta Key.

“The Second Closed Beta Phase offers a complete overhaul and fine-tuning of the network infrastructure to create a seamless and fast brawling experience. Along with the all-new content , we’re sure that the players will be overjoyed!” said Howard He, President and CEO of Rock Hippo Productions.

The Brawl Busters Closed Beta 2 launch includes:

Network Upgrade – The network infrastructure underwent a major overhaul to provide a smoother brawling experience to players around the world. If a player experienced any slowdown in their brawling during the last Beta phase, they should come check out the upgraded network but they should be prepared to handle even faster-paced brawls!Brawl Busters [3]

New Map “Pinball Avenue” – Introducing a brand new map just waiting to get BUSTED up! Watch out for wacky environmental hazards on this one.

New Weapons And Costumes – Players who are getting tired of their current weapons or who are craving a new style should fear not because Rock Hippo has it covered with fresh new gear in the store!

Invite A Friend Promo – Busters don’t ever have to feel alone! Original Busters (all Closed Beta & Closed Beta Phase Two participants) can invite their friends [4] without the need for a beta key, and they get Buster Points per every friend who plays!

Want to enter Brawl Busters Closed Beta Phase Two? Enter your email address on the Brawl Busters site [2] for chance to get a Beta key.