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Masters of Mystery Now On Facebook

Big Blue Bubble [1]Big Blue Bubble Inc. [2] has announced that Masters of Mystery Online [3], the online version of their mystery-based hidden-object game series [4] is released on Facebook [5]. Murder and intrigue are the name of the game in Masters of Mystery Online [3], a crime-busting game where you  build your firm, close cold cases and help your friends.Masters of Mystery Online offers the player a gritty look at the life of a cop-turned-Private Investigator who quickly gets embroiled in a murder.  A model is dead in an upscale apartment owned by a prominent fashion masters of mystery online [6]designer, and this isn’t the first time a model associated with the designer has disappeared. Through hidden-object gameplay, follow the clues and solve the murder.

By adding friends, increasing reputation and solving cases, the plot slowly unravels, providing a glimpse into the Masters of Mystery Online  glamorous (and hazardous) fashion world.  New and perhaps familiar faces aid in the quest for justice.


·         Daily rewards and weekly quests
·         Build a growing private investigations firm
·         C. S. I.- inspired storyline
·         Customizable private investigator office
·         Higher-scoring premium items and scenes
·         Achievements
·         Players help friends through giving and receiving gifts for bonuses