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Hothead Games Pulls A Title Switch

Hothead Games [1]Hothead Games [1] has launched Gem King [2],which I thought was a new title – until I went and looked at the iTunes page for the game. Instead, it appears that it is a copy of Kickin’ Momma, a game which I thoroughly enjoy (and paid for), with a different name and a few updates. Kickin’ Momma has been removed from the App Store, and now this free duplicate is not compatible (and thus not downloadable) to my second generation iPod Touch, so apparently the “coming soon” screen on the 4th level of my Kickin’ Momma game will forever be empty – and the enjoyment I had in playing the game has been gutted.

For those who did not purchase Kickin’ Momma, here is the description of Hothead’s “new” game with its iOS 5 updates: a free peg-blasting and gem-collecting puzzle game for iPhone and iPad, a title where your loyal and surprisingly resilient Minions will do anything to bring you riches! Aim carefully and kick them into the mines and your Minions will bounce and ping off pegs like pinballs. Their ultimate goal is to collect as many gems for their King as possible. Collect enough gems to progress through the levels and earn your Gem–Encrusted Crown and other royal attire to dress up and become the Gem King.

Gem King has also received an iOS 5 update treatment, bringing some new key features to some users. The game supports iCloud for game save files, full Twitter integration and Airplay Mirroring, which allows users to control the game on their iPad 2 or iPhone 4S and watch the gem collecting goodness unfold on their HDTV via Apple TV.

Gameplay highlights:

Full list of features: