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Fling A Thing Now In HD

Big Blue Bubble [1]Big Blue Bubble Inc. [1] has announced the release of their latest iPad game, Fling a Thing HD [2], which is now available in the iTunes App Store. Fling a Thing HD [3] allows the player to stretch and fling cute little ‘Things’ into the air trying to collect bubbles and clear the screen. The player progresses through levels, climbs higher, and interacts with a lot of bizarre objects. But beware, there’s a limited amount of shots the player can take so the more accurate they are the higher a score they will achieve.

The ‘Things’ are incredibly adorable little creatures with suction cups for mouths that cling on to platforms and suck in bubbles as they go. With 7 different characters and 3 different worlds, the player can unlock upgrades to help them achieve a higher score.

Just like the iPhone version, Fling a Thing HD is appropriate for any age, the controls are so simple even a three year old can play, yet it’s still challenging for any age. Now on a larger screen, Fling a Thing HD is something you just have to try out for yourself!

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