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Simplex Spelling HD Finalist in the 2011 Best App Ever Awards

pyxwise spell sight words [1]Edmonton’s Pyxwise Software [1] is pleased to announce that Simplex Spelling HD [2] is a top 10 finalist in the 2011 Best App Ever Awards in the category of “Best Special Needs App”. More than 7000 applications were submitted and over a quarter million nominations were placed by users of the site. The purpose of the Best App Ever Awards is to raise user awareness about the best apps available, not just the top selling titles.
Simplex Spelling HD, available on iTunes [3] for $4.99 USD, has been well received by teachers, parents, homeschooling parents and the media for teaching students to spell and read. Over a thousand copies of Simplex Spelling have been purchased by educational institutions for use in the classroom, and Simplex Spelling has had an overwhelmingly positive response from teachers and parents of students with special needs. Becoming a finalist in the “Best Special simplex spelling HD [4]Needs App” category illustrates how much of a positive impact Simplex Spelling is having in the lives of all children.

Simplex Spelling HD takes a full phonics based approach to teaching the Dolch sight words, so that students don’t just memorize the most common words in English, but they actually learn “how to spell” these words. A recent 10 year extensive study into dyslexia using MRI scans of the brain has shown that in effective readers the brain reads by processing sounds, while those with dyslexia have difficulty accessing the sound processing areas of the brain during reading. The audio, visual, and tactile components of Simplex Spelling are combined to effectively teach phonemic awareness, thus encouraging the phonological processing of sounds.

Dr. Lisa Welburn states “We are honored that our spelling applications are helping so many struggling students to become better at spelling and reading the English language.”

Pyxwise Software is also excited to announce the imminent release of an update to Simplex Spelling HD that will add additional spelling words and spelling rules to aid students with both decoding and encoding the English language.

Simplex Spelling HD teaches the Dolch sight words to establish a base foundation in spelling and reading fluency. Simplex Spelling is great tool to have for kids learning to spell and read, remedial students, or those learning English as a second language. All text and voice in this application is entirely in English, users are not able to create their own spelling lists in Simplex Spelling HD, however the word lists [5] are available on the Pyxwise website, so parents can view them before purchasing to ensure they meet learning requirements.

Rather than using flash cards, Simplex Spelling enables the student to build each word. Students gain skills above and beyond the sheer memorization of words.