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Cackleberries Ready To Hatch

cackleberries [1]Cackleberries Entertainment [1], a studio we first told you about [2] in 2009, is set for official launch. Eight years in the making, Cackleberries is the vision of Coquitlam, BC mom Eronne Foster, who wanted to build a virtual world around teaching kindness, empathy, honesty and loyalty – along with a few school subjects. In a recent interview with Tri-City News, Eronne outlined what has been developing inside the New Westminster studio’s walls.

“This month, she is witnessing several milestones for the company she started in 2003 and operates with 33 Variety House [3]employees out of an office in New Westminster. A commercial her company produced to promote Variety The Children’s Charity Show of Hearts Telethon Feb. 11 and 12 will be airing on Global TV and Cackleberries will be launching “Variety House [4]” in the virtual world of Oville [5] with games, videos and books about special needs issues.

Foster said the partnership between Cackleberries and Variety is a natural because both have a vision of making the world a better place for children.

In addition to the partnership with Variety, Cackleberries is launching the paid membership component of its virtual world for children ages 3-7. Although children can play in the Cackleberries virtual world now for free, they will get access to more stories, as well as arts and crafts, music and early learning activities for a monthly fee.

There is an English as a Second language component for Cackleberries as well, which is being marketed to China, where 10,000 packages have been sold.”

You can read the rest of the interview on the Tri-City News [6] site.

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