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Ninja Bugs Plus Now Free

one haze [1]Ninja Bugs Plus! [2] is a mobile app from One Haze [1] that gives you all the joy of splattering bucket loads of bugs across your screen, grossing out parents everywhere – and now it’s available for free on iTunes [3], with an Android version coming soon. Fruits and vegetables are a great part of a healthy balanced diet and perfect if you’re a vegetarian.  But what’s the worst thing that a pineapple or a broccoli has ever done to you?  On the other hand, who hasn’t been scared by a giant spider crawling across the wall?  Or been kept awake by a fly buzzing around your head that you just can’t find?  What could be more satisfying than slicing, chopping and smashing these creepy crawlers! 

This isn’t biology class: You need to dice them up as fast as you can!  Slice bugs and watch them splat all over the screen!  Use your overhead slash to cut them in half, then cross chop the pieces to get bonus points.  The more bugs you kill and the more style you slay them with, the more options you unlock to modify the game.  Choose new weapons, new backgrounds and search for the hidden secrets and bonus point multipliers. Best of all, we clean up chopped ninja bugs plus [4]carapaces, the walloped wings and the twitching limbs for you!  Seriously, there’s more bug carnage here than the front of a bus on a cross-country road trip through a swamp!

Did you know that there are 200 million insects for every person on the planet?  It’s time we did something about that!  Choose your favorite game play mode and cut that ratio down using the best iPhone app on the market.

Once you’ve practiced on your own, test your skills against the rest of the world. Ninja Bugs is integrated with OpenFeint, allowing you to fight against players the world over to work your way up the Ninja Bugs Hall of Fame and unlock achievements.  After all, if you’re going to play for hours on end (and you will…), you should have something to show for it!

“We are so excited to Launch this game for Free and be able to have everyone get the chance to experience it and pass on the good deal,” said One Haze founder Angela Hayes. “We added so many more features, including coins that explode, bonuses to unlock, sound effects to impress and graphics that are simply amazing, in addition to the original that gamers want, such as different 4 modes of game play, tons of features to achieve and unlock, 10 backgrounds, 6 weapons, 9 creepy crawlers and many top notch features with the 3D graphics that people expect.”

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Through four different modes of game play, players will unlock and can use different backgrounds and weapons, each with a distinctive colour and sound. While collecting coins along side of slicing the bugs, you can then use your coins to unlock other levels and secret options within the game. Ninja Bugs also incorporates Open Feint, giving players the opportunity to compete for position on the leader board and unlock achievements. Users on the iPad can also play a multiplayer, head-to-head version.