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Pocket God Episode 44 Infests the App Store with Locusts

frima studio [1]What’s that buzzing noise? Is that a low-hanging cloud coming in? Oh, it’s just a plague of locusts descending on the Pygmies of Pocket God from Frima Studios [1] and Bolt Creative. The Aztec calendar on Apocalypse Island continues to count down in Pocket God Episode 44: The Perfect Swarm, opening a new room in the island’s temple that houses the plague’s source – the locust queen! Available on the iTunes App Store [2] today, Pocket God’s latest content update brings insect-riddled fun as well as a new Mondo Skin Pack to the hit iOS phenomenon.

To utilize the power of the locust swarm, players must access the temple on Apocalypse Island and feed a Pygmy to the locust queen. Impregnated with locusts, the queen’s belly will rumble and players can press it to send locusts spewing out of her tail. The swarm is immediately under the players control, able to be swiped around the screen for deadly effect.

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But wait, there’s more: guide locusts to a Pygmy’s back to strip the flesh from his bones! Fill a Pygmy’s mouth with locusts to explode the bloated islander like a bug bomb! Bring the locusts down on a Pygmy’s head to turn him into a giant mutant locust that will hop around the island until you tap him to mercifully splat him like a bug! Lift a Pygmy from below with the swarm to toss him back and forth in the air – and slash through him in midair to slice him in half like an airborne insect ninja!

The Mondo Skin Pack brings a number of new and uber-geeky skins to Pocket God as well. For $0.99, players can turn the Pocket God world into a much nerdier place. Replace the moon with a 20-sided die, turn the volcano into a nuclear power plant, turn the sand island statue into an arcade cabinet, and much more. This new skin pack is brought to players by guest artist Josh Ellingson [3], whose unique art style was also used in the posters for Pocket God’s Battle of the Gods and Killing Time updates.