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Appiphany Launches MMA Animals Microsite

appiphany [1]Canadian-American digital media entertainment corporation Appiphany Technologies Holdings Corp [2]. has launched a microsite featuring the world’s first Mixed Martial Arts kids brand MMA Animals [3]TM in a blending of physical and virtual worlds. Recognizing the explosive popularity of UFC and other mixed martial arts brands, Appiphany Technologies is delivering the first kids brand for mixed martial arts, leveraging a mix of new technologies in mobile device gaming, enhanced books and digital media. 

The UFC was the first MMA promotion. Their success is recognized and has majority market share the media attention translates into merchandizing and other revenue. MMA is the fastest growing sport and has captivated millions worldwide but is still struggling for full mainstream acceptance. We can capitalize on the MMA explosion and give MMA a mainstream vehicle geared towards the next generation of the sport.