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HootSuite Plugs World’s Largest Survey Company And Other Social Apps Into App Directory

HootSuite [1]Market-leading social media management system developer HootSuite [1] plugs even more into its App Directory [2] today with the introduction of SurveyMonkey [3], the leading online survey and questionnaire platform, Chartbeat [4], the real-time web and analytics tool for publishers, and ContentGems [5] content marketing software. Built for business, the App Directory now features 55 popular tools and apps, including Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Evernote, MailChimp, Zendesk, Yammer, Statigram and more. Social media practitioners from the world’s largest brands, including marketers, publishers, community managers, market researchers, customer support teams, and agencies no longer have to leave the HootSuite dashboard to access these popular tools, increasing productivity and efficiency and avoiding having to switch back and forth between browser tabs. Instead users can manage their social media profiles, marketing campaigns, surveys and more within HootSuite.

HootSuite’s new apps improve the user’s in-dash experience in the following ways:

“At HootSuite, we’re constantly striving to bring our users access to the best and brightest new social networks and tools out there, making their social media efforts easier and more effective,” says Ryan Holmes [9], CEO of HootSuite. “Our latest partnership with SurveyMonkey is a great example of how we’re bringing two leading products together to improve the end user experience.”

“We’re very excited about this latest integration,” says Dave Goldberg, CEO of SurveyMonkey, “The ability to analyze sentiment from social streams right next to feedback from SurveyMonkey surveys is a powerful feature that allows HootSuite users to not only further engage with their social following, but make better data-based decisions.”

In the past year, HootSuite’s App Directory has saw a 554% growth in app installs, with the most popular apps having been added to dashboards 100,000 each. These apps are built to fulfill specific needs and requirements of HootSuite’s user base, which includes small businesses and non-profit organizations, as well as global brands like Virgin and Sony Music. The company has taken a user-driven approach to developing its product, constantly reviewing and prioritizing its public-facing Feedback forum [10] to determine upcoming integrations with the world’s growing number of popular social networks and tools. These new integrations empower HootSuite’s over seven million Free, Pro, and Enterprise users to reach broader global audiences and are available immediately to all.