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Kaiju-a-Gogo Development Footage Revealed

kerberos productions [1]New production footage is available today of Kaiju-a-Gogo, the new strategy-action hybrid title from Kerberos Productions [1]. The game is a light strategy/action hybrid currently in the midst of a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter [2]. During its first week on Kickstarter, Kaijua-a-Gogo received more backers than any previous campaign from Kerberos, and supporters from around the globe have pledged over 40% of the game’s budget. In response to player enthusiasm, the developers have released some initial gameplay footage and added a bonus skin for the game’s monsters to be exclusively available to Kickstarter backers as a token of thanks for their support.

Player questions and demands have also prompted new releases of gameplay information and screenshots, as well as future plans to expand and enhance the game. The large international audience for Kerberos titles has voted to make the game accessible to non-English speaking players, with localization packages offered first in Spanish, French and German. Kerberos has also announced a planned DLC Expansion of the game called Monster Island, which would allow players to recruit a second monstrous pet to send against hapless cities who resist the player’s goal to conquer the world. These features will be offered free to all Backers of the campaign if the game achieves its modest funding goals.

Kaiju-a-Gogo is the third crowd-funding campaign for Kerberos since the team went fully independent in October 2012. The first successful campaign for the Vancouver-based developers produced The Pit, a science-fiction rogue-like game which has since become a cult hit and generated three DLC expansions, the most recent (Pilgrim) was released for Easter 2014. The team’s second campaign produced the turn-based strategy war game Ground Pounders [3], which is already available for PC, Mac, Linux and Android in Early Access on Steam. Like Ground Pounders, Kaiju-a-Gogo will also be a multi-platform release with support for PC, Android, Mac, Linux and iOS. The Kaiju-a-Gogo team is working on a short development cycle, and proposes to deliver the finished game to all supporters in late November 2014.

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