30th October 2009

Zombie Attack Second Wave Now In The App Store

IUGOVancouver – Grab your machete and run! To the App Store that is. Zombie Attack! Second Wave has hit. The elaborate sequel to IUGO’s smash hit Zombie Attack! has launched with more maps, hordes of zombies, bigger and better weapons and tons of brand new challenges. Zombie Attack

Zombie Attack! Second Wave

Just when you thought it was safe…ZA! is back! Lovers of zombies and tower defense-style games combined have a second chance to tear into more zombies with more weapons and in more locations than ever before.

IUGO built upon what you loved best about the original Zombie Attack! game making it bigger, better and bloodier! Your mission: play as a survivor from the ultimate Zombie Apocalypse, protect your shack and stay alive. Kill zombies, earn points and cash to upgrade your weapons and bolster your fire power. Easy tilt and touch-screen controls make ZA! 2 an instant iPhone-exclusive favorite.


• 7 turrets (3 new, including the Pulsewave)
• New upgrades to super turrets
• 4 maps of varying sizes including Backyard and Trailer Park
• Hordes of challenges, 5 for each map
• 6 zombie types (4 new, including the Hound and Cheerleader)
• Instantaneous save when quitting the app
• Online high scores list for each map, local lists for challenges and personal records
• Automatic iPod music support (Just play your music and start the game)
• 3.0 USERS!! Additional iPod music playback option
• IUGO high-quality and polish

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30th October 2009

Ghoulish Games From Big Blue Bubble and Frima Studio

frima studioQuebec City – Beware of living deads around Halloween…Frima Studio’s Zombie Tycoon is launching today as a PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) mini title in North America, Europe and Asia. The hilarious zombie horde has been released to contaminate and infest the Zombie TycoonPlayStation®Network.

Zombie Tycoon was specifically designed for the PSP minis,” commented Frima’s CEO Steve Couture. “One of the biggest minis up to this date, our zombie game will give the player several hours to build his army and achieve complete world domination… It is not a port from a mobile game, but a whole new strategy game with a lot of funny and horrifying content.”

Zombie TycoonFrima’s team thought that it was about time their zombies got some brain food being in prison for 6 months in our offices! While usually, players have to face and stop an undead menace, as human, Zombie Tycoon lets you maneuver your very own ravenous zombie horde through towns and buildings.

This unique tale of intrigue and betrayal spans over 10 challenging levels, animated cut-scenes and in-game dialogues, and lots of humorous references. The combat system allows players to burn cities to the ground as they attack humans and the places they call home. As players alternate fast-paced action and strategic execution, they can choose from over 100 quirky items to arm their zombies and attempt to spread the undead across the globe!

The game is ready just in time for Halloween at a mini cost! Zombie is available for all models of PSP systems exclusively as a download through the PlayStation Network at $7.99 in North America and is rated T by the ESRB

Big Blue BubbleMeanwhile, Big Blue Bubble invites gamers to Give ‘Em Hell…in High Heels with Garters & Ghouls for iPhone/iPod touch

Get ready to command the not-too-dead Marie Dupois in the haunting new franchise, Garters & Ghouls, now available on Apple’s App Store. Namco Networks has announced the release of Garters & Ghouls for iPhone and iPod touch, available for $4.99.Gharters and Ghouls

In this new action shooter, players control Marie as she is summoned to battle the minions and horrors beyond description! Garters & Ghouls features a twisted world in the form of 25 action-packed levels, providing hours of unique game play. Players help Marie on her quest by unearthing devastating weapons and massive power-ups! With downloadable content the fun never dies!

“Interesting characters, a compelling and humorous storyline and lots of undead destruction are just a few things that distinguish this from other titles,” said Jonathan Kromrey, general manager of Apple Games for Namco Networks. “What will keep fans coming back is the insatiable appetite Gharters and Ghoulsfor more…just like a zombie.”

To produce Garters & Ghouls, Namco collaborated with Big Blue Bubble, an award winning developer specializing in casual games for mobile devices for over 6 years. “As we’re constantly focused on innovation, we were really excited about helping launch this new property,” said Damir Slogar, CEO of the Canadian based developer. “Working with a major publisher like Namco allows us a great opportunity to get these games out to ever-expanding audiences. Namco offers unparalleled reach and support.”

Garters & Ghouls also features Facebook Connect, allowing users to post their rankings on Facebook and share achievements with their friends. Garters and Ghouls is rated T.

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29th October 2009

Warden’s Quest Ends, 40th Day Dev News and New Game Avatar Items

BioWare CorpLondon UK – Team Hungary was announced as the winner of Bioware’s Warden’s Quest, a 24-hour gaming event where 10 teams of gamers from Team Canadaaround the world competed for a grand prize of $12,500 for each member of the winning team. Team Canada placed a respectable third, right behind the Bioware Community Team. I was getting worried when the Canadians were lost in the Fade and it seemed they might be eliminated part way through, but they pulled together and escaped into the next challenge.

The ten teams were playing Dragon Age: Origins, one of the most anticipated games of the fall release schedule. They played for the full 24 hours, switching off team members so they could rest up and develop strategies. Dragon Age: Origins will be released to the public on November 3rd.

Army of Two: 40th DayMontreal – The Army of Two: 40th Day team has released the second part of their Dev Series, with Eric Chartrand continuing his discussion about the Multi-Player component for the game. Details are given about matchmaking, client servers and more. Army of Two: 4oth Day is in development at EA Montreal and will be released on January 12 2010.

Disruptive PublishersVancouverDisruptive Media Publishers (DP), a leading provider of Xbox 360 personalization content, announced the release of a new collection of avatar apparel items featuring 30 top U.S. universities. The release marks the first time users can personalize their Xbox LIVE® Avatars with officially licensed university branded apparel licensed through The Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC), a division of IMG Worldwide. From varsity jackets to fitted caps, hooded sweatshirts, polo shirts and shoes, hundreds of unique university branded items are now available on Xbox LIVE Avatar Marketplace.

“Xbox LIVE Avatar Marketplace has been incredibly popular with our community,” said Christina DeRosa, General Manager, Xbox LIVE. “We know Xbox LIVE members love to represent themselves and their personalities through their Avatars – in fact, people have changed their clothes nearly 150 million times! Now whether you’re a student, alumni or simply a fan, you can wear your university gear with pride, which is truly exciting.”

“Universities have been cautious with regards to the digital personalization space, but we have been impressed with the creativity and capabilities of Disruptive Publishers,” said David Kirkpatrick, Vice President of Non-Apparel Marketing, The Collegiate Licensing Company. “We are excited about Disruptive Publishers’ depth of licensed offerings as well as their plans for collegiate expansion.”

“We see this as a first step in allowing consumers a chance to personalize their avatars beyond the traditionally rooted fashion and gaming apparel often found on Marketplace,” said Otis Perrick, Disruptive Publishers Director of Business Development. “We know that Xbox 360 users are doing much more than playing games, so we’re excited to incorporate licensed real-world elements from the top brands, leagues, artists and photographers into some of the highest quality personalization content on the platform.”

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29th October 2009

Dawn of Heroes Dev Blog Now Live

Wicked StudiosMontrealWicked Studios and Majesco Entertainment are pleased to announce that the official Dawn of Heroes Blog is now accessible on the game website.

Expect news, commentary, gameplay videos, exclusive wallpapers and music tracks to be posted on the blog. Wicked Studios invites players to inquire about Dawn of Heroes by Dawn of Heroescommenting and asking questions in the blog. A Facebook page is also available for players wishing to join the fan club and get all the latest news about Dawn of Heroes!

Dawn of Heroes – A new breed of SRPG

Brimthule is cursed, filled with malevolent characters, and separated into baronies. Cities have fallen, beasts of all weft and warp are becoming bolder in their attacks and the once beloved six Barons have become evil.

Who’s going to clean this mess up? Heroes will!! Don’t they always? But where are they? Unwilling to deal with an old prophecy to save the realm, a disparate band of mercenaries will learn, through a hilarious adventure, that the reward of being Heroes cannot be counted in gold, jewels, or fame.

• Travel through breathtaking 3D graphics whilst encountering a wide variety of characters from 12 different factions.
• Fight through over 60 missions with optional and hidden objectives.
• Experience a rich storyline filled with action, fun and humour.
• Select a team from over 25 playable classes.
• Test your strategies against other players and trade items through Nintendo DS wireless Play, or Nintendo WFC.

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28th October 2009

IUGO Star Hogs Title Gets Major Update

IUGOVancouver – After hanging in the review queue for nearly 3 months, IUGO’s Star Hogs game for the iPhone/iTouch has received a major update to its look, features and content. This massive update includes the following new features, tweaks and fixes:

New Features:Star Hogs

• Additional free 32-map Alpha Centauri Campaign! (This was originally intended to be DLC as in-app purchase but has been switched to a FREE update)
• In-game messaging system. Tease, taunt and congratulate each other in-game!
• Players announce their entry into online battles.
• Ability for losers in a 3 or 4 player battle to receive their earnings first then decide whether to spectate or leave an online battle.
• Improved in-game graphics with updated textures and parallexing background 3d objects
• Scrolling window will now remember their previous position
• Automatic backup & restore system to prevent save file corruption
• IUGO VIP System for rewarding game referrals
• Invite friends feature
• Save/Resume for Campaign & FreePlay modes
• NEW WEAPON: Nuclear Strike
• NEW WEAPON: Matter Missile
• NEW MINE: Paint Mines
• NEW circular map for FreePlay & Online
• NEW flat map for FreePlay & Online
• Camera control when it is not player’s turn
• Audio & Vibrate alarm when a match is found in QuickPlay

Fixes and Optimizations:

• Better disconnection handling (Online game delayed due to lag will resolve within 60 secs)
• Improved online multiplayer synchronization
• Certain detectable non-cheating disconnection situation will result in players being disqualified to avoid point deduction (However, the loss will still have to be taken)
• Numerous hanger issues/crashes fixed
• Possible rankings page crash fixed
• 10-pt font fixes
• Introduction camera panning issue fixed
• Airplane mode crash fixed
• Load to 50% crash fixed
• Username/password saving bug fixed

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28th October 2009

ESAC Releases Video Series on Parental Controls Plus Upcoming Event News

esacThe Entertainment Software Association of Canada (ESAC) has released five new videos which explain step-by-step how to utilize the built-in safety and parental controls for the PC, Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360. Danielle Parr and Marc Saltzman take parents through a quick and easy step-by-step interactive guide on how to use the built-in features to ensure your children enjoy a safe and fun gaming experience. In the Introduction video, Danielle and Marc discuss console placement and choosing appropriate games for your kids and family.

Vancouver Event Reminders For This Week:

ACM SIGGRAPH Vancouver and the National Film Board present an Evening with Chris Landreth tonight (and this afternoon) at the VanCity Theatre. Tickets are free, and there are still some available at the door.

There will also be a Get Animated event this Sunday at the Vancouver Public Library main branch:

NFB Co-presentation with Reel to Real Film Festival
Vancouver Public Library 350 West Georgia Street
Info: 604 331-3663

Sunday · November 1, 2009
1:00 pm: Family Program — Kids & Youth Program
2:00 pm: Kids’ Animation Workshop — Scott Kiborn
3:30 pm: Family Program — Kids & Youth Program

Ghoulash Bash takes place tomorrow night (October 29) at the Metropole Pub on Abbott Street. Come out and enjoy the Halloween fun as the Game Industry Gives Back – dress up as your favourite retro game character and help raise funds for the Vancouver Regional Food Bank Society. Take part in a silent auction, buy tickets to win passes to events such as Game Design Expo 2010, Casual Connect Conferences and Games For Change, plus much more. Admission is by donation – either non-perishable food or cash. See the Ghoulash Bash web site for more information.

The Masters of Digital Media programme is holding an open house at the Great Northern Way Campus, also on October 29th, from 5-7pm. You are invited to mix and mingle with current faculty, students and soon-to-be graduates at the Open House. There will be samples of student work, facility tours and information about the program, scholarships and program admission requirements.

Thursday night is apparently a very busy night in Vancouver. There will be a Drupal meet-up at Appnovation Technologies ( L200-560 Beatty Street) for the Vancouver League of Drupalers beginning at 6:30pm. This month’s feature presentation: Information Architecture for Drupal – A User Based Approach with Vanessa Turke. Implementing a fresh design or new CMS without giving some significant thought to the organization of the actual content of the site can be a costly mistake “ a new look or a new system is not a fix for a poorly-structured website with boring content!” Vanessa discuss hows how some careful planning at the beginning of the process can help. There will also be a case study on the newly relaunched Vancouver Observer by Dave Egan and discussion regarding holding a Vancouver Drupal Camp in 2010.

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27th October 2009

Digital Alberta Presents Basements to Boardrooms

digital albertaCalgary – The Basement to Boardroom Series features two local companies per year, where successful Alberta based companies share with the Digital Alberta membership their success stories. From their embryonic stages, start-up financing to what they would and would not do again.

Join us for a wicked awesome session on Tuesday November 17 with Patrick Lor, President, Fotolia North America. Fotolia.com is one of the world’s leading providers of affordable stock imagery, with a database of over five million images and over one million international members. With web sites in 10 languages, Fotolia, LLC is based in New York and has offices in 11 countries. In 2007, Fotolia became the first independent microstock agency to enter the traditional stock marketplace with the launch of Fotolia Infinite Collections.

Patrick helped pioneer the microstock industry, joining the world’s first microstock agency (iStockphoto) in 2001 as co-founder. Upon his departure, the company was selling over 12 million images annually, and was sold to Getty Images for US$50 million in 2006. He has also held senior marketing and product development roles at Adobe’s Image Club Graphics Division, which produced and marketed fonts, photography, clip art and design applications to professional designers throughout the world. Patrick has extensive experience mentoring startups, and currently sits on the advisory boards of Aviary.com, Benevity.com and Bumptop.com.

This seminar is free for Digital Alberta members and $15.00 for non-members; it takes place at the Seven Restoloung in Calgary, with registration beginning at 5pm.

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27th October 2009

No Robots Interactive Jamble Updates

No Robots InteractiveVancouverNo Robots Interactive has announced that Apple’s approval has been given for their massive update to Jamble, plus the free version Jamble Lite has also gone live on the App Store. New products Jamble Dance and Jamble Dance Lite are now in review at Apple and should be out in early November.

About Jamble:

With the touch of a finger, Jamble lets you combine a variety of musical loops from international Jamble on iTuneshit songs into your own impossibly great mashup mixes immediately making you sound like a pro-DJ and mashup master.

Jamble comes with 24 musical loops that you can mashup into infinite combinations. You can play with 16 active loops at a time and easily hot swap them with additional loops in your Jamble loop library while you play.

Jamble features live, real time music creation as well as allowing you to record, save and playback your mixes. Share your mixes with your friends via email, Facebook and Twitter.

You can get more loops directly from within the app and create custom set lists of your favorite loops to load them fast. The range of artists in Jamble include:

• Lady Gaga
• Gwen Stefani
• Kardinal Offishall
• Kid Cudi
• The Killers
• Asher Roth
• David Bowie
• Will.i.am
• All-American Rejects
• Gorillaz
• Blur
…and many others.

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27th October 2009

Incubator Games Moves Forward, Samsung Dev Fund, SteelSeries Now At Best Buy

Incubator GamesTorontoIncubator Games, a group of young industry professionals, is proud to announce the launch of their new website along with 18 new screenshots for their first game, Tribes of Mexica, which was an entry in Microsoft’s 2009 Dream Build Play contest.

Tribes of Mexica is an action-puzzle title deeply steeped in Aztec Tribes of Mexicamythology. The game’s core mechanics center on rotating concentric rings to match coloured units, powering up spells, and timing attacks and defensive maneuvers. An adventure element ties the battles together, allowing the player to explore exotic locales in ancient Mesoamerica while building up a magical arsenal. Currently in development for the Xbox 360, Incubator Games has plans to port Tribes of Mexica over to the PC/Mac/Linux platforms, and is investigating other platforms as well.

SamsungSamsung Electronics, a leader in consumer electronics and information technology, and Handmark®, a world-leading creator and distributor of mobile applications and services, today announced the launch of a new Global Venture Fund to invest in companies and/or individuals with innovative, market-changing game ideas for next generation Samsung mobile phones. Companies and/or individuals selected will receive up to $250,000 each to fund the development of winning ideas.Handmark

The fund will be managed by Handmark out of its Kansas City and London offices in partnership with Samsung Electronics. The companies are searching for games that best showcase Samsung mobile phones and the advanced features they offer. Both current and new content ideas are encouraged, taking timing and cost into consideration.

“We know there’s a wealth of great ideas out there waiting to be discovered,” said Chris Barnett, senior vice president of Global Sales and Strategic Partnerships for Handmark. “This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone, including big brands, mobile developers or any individual with a unique, creative idea to make it a reality.”

“Samsung recognizes the importance of content and applications for today’s mobile phone users,” said Ho Soo Lee, executive vice president for Samsung Electronics’ Media Solution Center. “We are pleased to broaden our partnership with Handmark to help lead the Global Venture Fund, using their expertise to support us capturing great ideas and raise the standard of mobile innovation.”

In addition to funding those selected, Handmark will also provide assistance with development, testing and certification, as well as distribution of the application through the Samsung Application Store. Deadline for applications is November 20, 2009 at 5 PM CT.

SteelSeriesGame peripheral company SteelSeries has announced a new distributorship deal with Best Buy Canada. A solid supporter of competitive gaming events in Canada including our own Digital Storm LAN, SteelSeries also purchased Canadian game keyboard maker ZBoard in 2008.
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26th October 2009

Bringing Dragon Age To Life

Siggraph VancouverVancouverACM SIGGRAPH Vancouver Chapter is proud to present Bringing Dragon Age To Life: Digital actors in an epic RPG on Wednesday November 18 at the VanCity Theatre – and now that we have our tickets, I’ll let you all know that tickets are now on sale. Dragon Age Origins

BioWare’s Lead Animator Clove Roy and Lead Character Artist Shane Hawco discuss the challenges faced in creating digital actors for BioWare’s newest award-winning role-playing epic Dragon Age: Origins. This presentation will provide an in-depth look in how to tell a huge complex story through an interactive narrative complete with hundreds of emotionally engaging digital actors.

Clove Roy, Lead Animator at Bioware is a graduate of Sheridan College, and over the past 9 years in his career as a professional animator, he has contributed to several acclaimed titles including Eternal Darkness, Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, Too Human and recently Bioware’s newest award winning role playing epic Dragon Age: Origins. Clove enjoys the challenges of combining his own personal self-expression, love for animation and film into the digital commercial art known as Video Games.

Shane Hawco, Lead Character Artist at Bioware is a graduate of the Alberta College of Art and Design. Shane has been working as a professional artist over the past 15 years. The last 7 years of his career have been working with role playing giant, Bioware; working on the award winning titles Jade Empire, Mass Effect, and the newest role playing epic Dragon Age: Origins. Shane loves to question the line between uncompromising high fidelity digital art and technological limitations; with aim of delivering a peak game play experience.

Tickets to this event are $10.00 for SIGGRAPH members and $20.00 for everyone else. This event is sponsored in part by AnnexPro and 3vis.

Dragon Age: Origins will launch on November 3 2009 (which, by the way, is only seven more sleeps!).

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