18th May 2009

eConnect Enters The Blogosphere

eConnectTorontoEntrepreneurs Connect (eConnect) enters the Blogosphere with a big bang! Unlike any other blog network on the web today, eConnect delivers effective and targeted traffic by displaying the RSS titles rather than little icons or badges.

Entrepreneurs Connect (Short for eConnect) is a quality network for Internet Entrepreneurs; it shares and displays members’ latest RSS entries across the network.

eConnect is a free service provided by Business Minder. Since the BlogRush shutdown, eConnect is the only popular network that displays latest titles from RSS feeds. This model delivers effective and targeted traffic to participating members.

Unlike BlogRush, eConnect makes everything less complicated. Members of the network are organized into 30 different categories. The widget on a member’s website will only display relevant entries from other members in the same category. Its simplicity maintains its performance at a high level and reduces the chances of bugs.

“Systems tend to go wrong when we make them too complicated. The back end of eConnect is just a few simple scripts.” — Aaron Lee, founder of Business Minder.

eConnect takes what’s good about BlogRush and improves them. To maintain the quality of the network at a superior level, applications will be carefully reviewed before they are approved. Participating websites are also regularly inspected to ensure the requirements are met at all times.eConnect Network

eConnect comes with widgets in many different colors and sizes. The widgets are carefully designed and optimized to make sure they fit and display beautifully on any website with any browser. Business Minder is constantly working behind the scene to produce new widgets.

From SEO perspective, the external links on the widgets are all “nofollow”. This means that “bad neighborhood” will never be a problem. eConnect offers a peace of mind! But that’s not all. Approved participants are also allowed to have one profile page on Business Minder website, which is one of the fastest growing website on the web. That, is definitely a plus.

“I believe that networking is a key factor that determines the success of any Internet entrepreneur or any Internet business. eConnect is one of the fastest growing online network and definitely one of the best on the web.” — Aaron Lee, founder of Business Minder

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