24th February 2012

Game Day At Nintendo Canada

Nintendo CanadaEarlier this week Scott and I went to Nintendo Canada for a luncheon date. Not only were we treated to some great sandwiches and drinks, we got our hands on some of the latest titles for the 3DS. Among the appetizers were Kid Icarus Uprising, Spirit Camera, Tekken 3D Prime Edition, Metal Gear Solid 3D Snake Eater and Resident Evil Revelations – thank you to Matt & Nintendo Canada for the hospitality and generosity.After taking a look at the new (and free) Swap Notes app for 3DS, I spent a good portion of my time playing Kid Icarus Uprising, and I was very pleased to see that it is possible to configure the game for non-cumbersome left-handed play – something that is usually lacking in many handheld titles. Masashiro Sakurai – creator of one of my favourite Nintendo characters (Kirby) also designed Uprising. Not only are the visuals and features outstanding, the fully-voiced levels and sweeping soundtrack add to the player experience.

The 3D features pull the player right into the heart of each battle, whether it’s on land or in the air. Game play is centered around defeating the evil Underworld Army of Medusa. Played much like an FPS, Kid Icarus Uprising has collectible weapons and accompanying special skills as well as AR compatibility and multi-player mode. With specially designed AR cards, players can see animated characters appear on their screens, sometimes even battling each other. Kid Icarus Uprising will be available in Canada on March 23rd.


Scott decided to go on a horror adventure with Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir, which is a supernatural thriller that makes use of the 3DS AR features to reveal the mysterious tale of Maya and the dark house in which she resides. The house has been cursed by the equally mysterious woman in black, and players must venture through the 16 page AR booklet to free Maya from the curse.

Game play is not, however, restricted to the story line. Players can switch to Spirit Photography mode, and by using the 3DS’ cameras, they can shoot photos of their surroundings and watch spooky entities reveal themselves. As with other 3DS AR games, players can also take photos of people and put their faces on those of enemies and defeat them in game battles. For those who would like to pit their ghost-busting skills against other players, use the notebook to initiate challenges such as a mash-up of memory, hide and seek as well as other elements for some fun with friends. This T-rated game will be available in Canada on Friday, April 13th.


I know many of you have already gotten your hands on Tekken 3D Prime Edition, which was released on February 14th. This title combines the entire Tekken world on one 3DS game card. You will have over 40 fighters from the Tekken universe as well as Young Heihachi. The action doesn’t stop there, however. Collect game cards either through game play or Street Pass, play in multiple single player modes, Local Party or Internet Play, and watch the full length theatrical feature, Tekken Blood Vengeance – in full 3D.

Resident Evil Revelations has also been unleashed on the 3D world, and with a completely rebuilt handheld experience, players can immerse themselves in what I feel is an incredible visual experience. With a brand new story to reveal, players discover new locations and get acquainted with new characters. Raid Mode also offers a new extension to the gamer experience. Played separately from regular story mode, Raid Mode sends players off on survival competitions in either solo or co-op play. Players can also switch between FPS and 3rd Person mode as they learn about the new T-Abyss virus, collect weapons  and solve puzzles.

The newly released Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D offers a whole new experience in the Tactical Espionage Action game genre. This single player Mature-rated game from Konami throws the player into the middle of the Cold War era and all of its intrigue – with 3DS capabilities thrown in for good measure.

Camouflage Snake with modern patterns made by taking photos with the 3DS camera while trudging through life-like terrain experienced via the auto-stereoscopic 3D view. Good balance will also be called for – the Gyro sensor will play a big part in whether or not Snake remains a skilled and sneaky operative or a flattened soldier should the player not keep the environment on an even keel. Throughout the game, it is the player’s objective to recapture a Soviet weapon and save humanity in the world of unsung counter-intelligence and espionage that gripped society in the early 1960’s.

While we didn’t get to play it,  Mario Tennis Open for the 3DS will launch on May 20th, offering immersive tennis action featuring everyone’s favorite characters from the Mushroom Kingdom in classic Mario style. With its intuitive game play, even novice tennis players can enjoy playing the game with friends and family.


Mario Tennis Open also supports comprehensive online play, a first for the series. Players with a broadband Internet connection can play singles or doubles matches with friends near and far, or compete against single opponents of similar skill levels in Open Match mode. The game also supports leader boards and victory medals.

Nintendo also announced on Wednesday that the acclaimed role-playing game The Last Story will come to North America for the Wii console in 2012, published by XSEED Games and following that announcement up with the news that Xenoblade Chronicles will launch on April 6, complete with fan-chosen artwork that will be featured in the game’s packaging.

“Together, these two games level up the excitement for RPG fans in North America,” said Ron Bertram, Nintendo of Canada’s vice-president and general manager. “Whether roaming the vast landscape of Xenoblade Chronicles or choosing crossbows to battle with or against companions in The Last Story, gamers will recognize these titles as benchmarks for the genre.”

The final announcements of the day were for Dillon’s Rolling Western, a game in which players take on the role of an armadillo ranger named Dillon who must defend Old West villages against mysterious rock-like enemies using strategy and his own unique fighting skills. This original action tower defense game is available for $9.99.


Nintendo 3DS owners can find many exciting games in the Nintendo eShop, including the critically acclaimed Pushmo, the stylish swordplay of Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword and Mutant Mudds, a classic 2D platformer with a 3D twist.

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