26th May 2009

Nikopol’s Search for Digital is Over!

Meridian4MontrealMeridian4 and White Birds Productions are thrilled to announce that they have signed a global digital publishing agreement for their critically-acclaimed adventure title; Nikopol. After re-acquiring the rights for Nikopol from Got Game Entertainment, White Birds Nikopolare excited to re-introduce the title to a new and larger audience with Canadian publisher Meridian4.

“We are very happy to work with Meridian4 on the digital distribution of Nikopol. Not only does Meridian4 have an excellent access to all major distributors, but they also have a real marketing and editorial approach, bringing a lot of added value to the title. We hope that this first partnership will be followed by new ones soon” said Michel Bams, co-founder and VP Marketing at White Birds Productions.

“Meridian4 is excited to be working with White Birds on their latest Adventure game; Nikopol. We have spoken to them many times and have always been impressed by their vision and their quality titles. We are delighted that this opportunity arose for us to work together.” said Andy Sher, CEO at Meridian4. “Nikopol is a compelling adventure title that will grip players from the outset and won’t let go till the very end.”

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22nd May 2009

The Adventure Company Ships Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper for Windows

The Adventure CompanyTorontoThe Adventure Company, a leading publisher of interactive entertainment software in North America, today announced the adventure game Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper for Windows® has shipped to retail stores in North America.Sherlock Holmes vs Jack The Ripper

The Sherlock Holmes franchise has proved to be one of the top franchises in adventure gaming, with top-selling titles such as Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened and Sherlock Holmes: Mystery of the Mummy, titles known for their impressive graphics and challenging puzzles. This terrifying new game pairs Sherlock Holmes against one of the world’s most famous serial killers, Jack the Ripper. Players will have the opportunity to step into the shoes of one of the greatest detectives of all time, accompanied throughout the game by his faithful companion, Dr. Watson. The game offers both a first person view and a third person view for a truly immersive adventure gaming experience and players will be able to use their gathered clues to test out their theories throughout the game using a unique crime scene reconstruction feature.
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15th May 2009

Activision Secures All-Star Talent Line-Up For Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Video Game

ActivisionMontrealActivision Publishing, Inc. has assembled an all-star cast for the upcoming Transformers™: Revenge of the Fallen video game, including the film’s leads Shia LeBeouf and Megan Fox, who will reprise their starring roles in the game, and fan favorites Peter Cullen and Frank Welker, the voices of OPTIMUS PRIME and MEGATRON from the Beenox Studiosoriginal animated series. In the new game, developed under license from Hasbro with Montreal’s Beenox Studio developing the Windows PC version, players are thrust into an adrenaline-pumping battle to defend Earth from a DECEPTICON attack that threatens mankind.

“Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen features an extensive line-up of film actors, along with the voice talent that fans will recognize from the classic animated series,” said Rob Kostich, head of marketing for licensed Transformersproperties, Activision Publishing, Inc. “The diverse cast allowed us to not only capture the epic storyline from the film, but also seamlessly expand the fiction to create a unique and authentic TRANSFORMERS experience that fans of all ages will enjoy.”

In addition to Shia LeBeouf and Megan Fox, Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime), Mark Ryan (Bumblebee), Jess Harnell (Ironhide), Charles Adler (Starscream) and Robert Foxworth (Ratchet) reprised their film roles for the game. Voice-over veterans John Di Maggio (Sideways) and James Arnold Taylor (The Fallen) also join the roster.
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14th May 2009

Eidos-Montréal Announces Development of Newest Title in the Legendary Series

Eidos MontrealMontrealEidos-Montréal is excited to unveil its previously secret second title in development at the studio, Thief™ 4, the next installment in the legendary series – and to go along with this momentous occasion, Eidos-Montréal is also pleased to announce the official opening of their online store, featuring Deus-Ex and Thief 4 merchandise.

The original Thief game, Thief: The Dark Project redefined first person gaming and established an Thi4fentirely new genre of stealth based game play. The critically and commercially acclaimed Thief series has won numerous awards and accolades including GameSpy Hall of Fame, GameSpot Greatest Games of All Time and The Academy of Interactive Arts And Sciences Outstanding Achievement in Character and Story Development.

Eidos-Montréal, which is also currently producing the much anticipated Deus Ex™ 3, has recruited the very best core team for the development of Thief 4. The team is comprised of industry veterans who have worked on an incredible collection of AAA titles and who each bring personal expertise in their respective fields.
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14th May 2009

United Front Games Announces Partnership With Activision

United Front GamesVancouverUnited Front Games Ltd. today announced that it is developing an action-based game set in Hong Kong for Activision Publishing, Inc.

Based in Vancouver, BC, United Front Games was formed in 2007 by former employees of Electronic Arts, Radical Entertainment, Black Box Games, Rockstar, Action Pants, Propaganda Games and Next Level Games.

“Over the past two decades our core team has led development of some groundbreaking games, so we have enormous expectations of ourselves,” said Stefan Wessels, United Front Games’ General Manager. “We have assembled industry talent from around the world, who have worked in senior positions on renowned titles such as the Need For Speed series, SKATE, Bully, Scarface, Godfather, Hulk, Spore and the NHL Sports franchise.”

“We are honoured to be working with Activision,” added Stephen van der Mescht, Executive Producer. “It’s exciting to see so much talent come together to unite this new studio and deliver our best work ever.”

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7th May 2009

TransGaming brings Tale of Tales new game to the Mac

TransgamingTorontoTransGaming Inc., announces a partnership with Tale of Tales to bring their biggest project to date: a highly original, artistic, horror game, entitled ‘The The PathPath‘, to the Mac. The Mac version of The Path was enabled by TransGaming’s Cider Engine and will be digitally distributed globally. Available immediately, The Path for Mac can be downloaded by the Mac community for $9.99 US at Tale-of-Tales.com, GameTreeOnline.com and other GameTree Network sites.

“The Path is a unique and intriguing journey designed to encourage inquisitiveness and adventure. As an Indie title that has received broad acclaim, The Path is a natural fit for the Mac,” commended Vikas Gupta, President & CEO of TransGaming. “With most of the gameplay being entirely optional, the player has all the freedom in the world, an aspect we believe is very well aligned to the essence of the Mac community.”
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4th May 2009

Afro Samurai Game Review

Afro SamuraiTitle: Afro SamuraiSurge
Developer: Surge
Publisher: Namco Bandai Games
Release Date: January 27 2009
Platforms: Xbox 360 – PlayStation3
Genre: Action-Adventure
MSRP: $69.99
ESRB: Mature

Why do you want the headband? – Bad Guy
For revenge – Afro Samurai

Made by Surge for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, Afro Samurai is a third person action adventure game released in February this year, and is one of the best hacking and slashing titles this reviewer has played in the last couple of years. Based upon Afro Samurai the Afro SamuraiJapanese manga created by Takashi Okazaki and made into an animated movie voiced and co produced by the original BMF Samuel L Jackson is where Surge got their inspiration. The question lingers though how well do they translate that source material into a game?

The world of Afro Samurai is set in a futuristic feudal Japan, there exists 2 magical headbands held by only the strongest men/samurai in the world, legend has it that who wears the number 1 headband controls the world and granted the powers of a god. Since man is power hungry there exists the number 2 headband it is for those who wish to challenge the number 1 but can be challenged at anytime by anyone who chooses to take up the fight with NamcoBandai Gamesthe number 2.

This is where we start the story, as a child our hero Afro (named for his hair style) is forced to watch his father the current number 1 beheaded in a battle for the mysterious number 1 headband by the evil Justice the current number 2. So after seeing his fathers headband taken by Justice and having his fathers head tossed to his feet. Justice casts away the number two headband and tells Afro that if he wants his revenge, he better go train so he can get the number 2 headband and come back and avenge his father’s death. This is where the story of the video game kicks off.
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30th April 2009

Dirk Warps his way to High Definition this Summer on Blu-ray

Digital LeisureGormley ON – Sharpen your sword and get ready to guide Dirk the Daring as he races through time to save the beautiful Princess Daphne from the clutches of the Evil Wizard Mordroc in Dragon’s Lair II: Time Warp. This long awaited sequel to the award-winning game Dragon’s Lair has been completely restored and enhanced with an all-new 5.1 surround sound mix and is now available on Blu-ray from Digital Leisure.

From legendary animator Don Bluth (‘An American Tail’, ‘The Land Before Time’) Dragon’s Lair II: Time Warp allows you to play the heroic Dirk the Daring, who must stop the Evil Wizard Dragon's Lair 2Mordroc as he has kidnapped Princess Daphne and taken her through time! But you must hurry, for once the Casket of Doom has opened, Mordroc will place the Death Ring upon Daphne’s finger in marriage and she will be lost forever… in the Time Warp!

Dragon’s Lair II: Time Warp was authored in the Blu-ray Java environment (BD-J) and features completely remastered animation, and an all-new surround sound mix, creating a fully arcade-authentic experience.
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23rd April 2009

The Adventure Company Releases Trailer for Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper

The Adventure CompanyToronto – The Adventure Company has released a trailer for Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper, a Windows® adventure title releasing in North America Sherlock Holmes vs Jack The Ripperon May 12, 2009. Click here to view the trailer.

Sherlock Holmes, one of the world’s best known detectives is matched up with the most dangerous serial killer in England’s history, Jack the Ripper. The Year is 1888, London has been overtaken by a series of gruesome murders and police are left baffled, with no leads. The murders continue and Sherlock Holmes steps up to the case, setting out on a terrifying adventure to seek out the identity of Jack the Ripper.
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22nd April 2009

A2M developing Dante’s Inferno with EA Redwood Shores

A2MMontrealElectronic Arts Inc. today announced that its highly anticipated action adventure game Dante’s Inferno™ will be coming to the PSP® (Sony PlayStation® Portable). Based on part one of Dante Alighieri’s classic, “The Divine Comedy,” EA’s Dante’s Inferno will also take players on an epic adventure through Dante’s famously mapped nine circles of hell. Dante’s Inferno will be available simultaneously for the EAPSP, the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system and the Xbox 360® videogame and entertainment system next year.

Dante’s Inferno for the PSP is being developed by EA’s award-winning EA Redwood Shores studio and Montreal’s Artificial Mind and Movement (A2M).
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