19th June 2009

Village Gamer is Now on Twitter



twitterVancouver – Yes, I have succumbed to the pressure and opened an account for Village Gamer on Twitter. Our account name on Twitter is VillageGamer – you’ll recognize Orby as our avatar if you search us out over there. It might have had something to do with Noelle Hunt Bennett (Big Fish Games) threatening to force feed Twitter lessons to me at the Casual Connect Conference next month in July. If any of you know Noelle, you know she’ll follow through with that threat, so I figured that I would beat her to the punch. Sort of. If I figure out how to use it to full advantage before the conference.

Which brings me to another small update. The Women In Games Vancouver group is partnering with Women in Games International and the IGDA to present a Leadership Development Forum on Monday July 20th at Casual Connect Seattle. The Leadership Forum, which is still being finalized, will be held at The Triple Door. I have been invited to participate on one of the panels, and if the powers that be in the Passport Office so deem, I will have new and valid “government-issued travel documents” before the conference.

In other news, I can’t believe how much our readership has grown. In just the first six months of 2009 we have doubled what we did for all of last year. As of June 17th, we’ve logged just over 2 million hits on the site and our Alexa rank has gone from over 7 million at launch to a current ranking of 468 008. So, thank you to all of you who come and read the news on Village Gamer – we appreciate your time and your support.

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24th December 2008

Happy Holidays

Christmas Orby Village Gamer would like to wish all of our readers a very happy and safe holiday season.

Thank you for sending us your news and for helping to make our first seven months online a success. We look forward to continuing our growth in 2009, along with all of the new and cool games, programmes and innovations developed by Canada’s very talented digital media industry.

All the best to you and yours in 2009 and beyond.

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3rd November 2008

Kaboose to Revitalize Cookie Jar Entertainment’s Mommy & Me Website

TORONTO – Cookie Jar Entertainment has signed a five-year deal with Toronto-based Kaboose, Inc., one of the largest family-focused new media companies in the world, to revitalize its Mommy & Me brand online and represent the property’s audience to advertisers targeting its prized demographic of moms. The Kaboose-managed site is set to re-launch in early 2009 and will be supported by an extensive offline marketing campaign, including Mommy & Me preschool products sold at retail nationwide, TV advertising, radio promotions, print and direct mail advertising and comprehensive mommy-targeted public relations.

The revamped Mommy & Me website, will join Kaboose’s community of premium mom-focused properties and will feature daily mom-targeted content and activities, a new and improved Playgroup Finder and other valuable tools, local resources and communities led by Kaboose’s network of expert moms.
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7th October 2008

Greg King Is Off To Federal Prison

The US Attorney’s office for California, Eastern District today announced the official sentencing of Gregory C. King, who had pleaded guilty earlier this year to two counts of transmitting code to cause damage to a protected computer. The charges were laid against Mr. King after four years of investigation in regards to his repeated attacks against KillaNet Technology Ltd.’s web servers as well as for a shorter attack period against the web site known as Castle Cops. KillaNet Technology Ltd. is the parent company of Village Gamer and Digital Storm LAN. Along with Mr. King’s two year Federal prison sentence is a restitution order of over $69 000.00 USD for damages. Mr. King does have a 60 day period in which to address the restitution order with the Court, after which time it will become an official order. The Assistant US Attorney in charge of the case, Matthew Segal, thanked KillaNet’s staff for the amount of work which was done in providing evidence and documentation to support the case.

Everyone here at KillaNet Technology is very grateful to those who worked so hard to see this case through – the FBI agents in Sacramento, and of course Matthew Segal and his team in the US Attorney’s office, also in Sacramento.

Official Press Release (PDF)

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10th June 2008

Botnet Case Ends in Guilty Plea

In a statement issued earlier today, the US Attorney’s office in Sacramento, California announced that Greg King has pleaded guilty to two counts of transmitting code to cause damage to a protected computer. As part of the plea agreement Greg King agreed to a two-year US Federal prison sentence. As this is a US Federal case, Greg King will be required to serve the full sentence without parole. Actual sentencing for the case is scheduled to take place on September 3, 2008 at which time the presiding Judge may make additional conditions within the sentence, including court-ordered restitution.

This case arose from Greg King’s continual botnet attacks and hacking attempts against Village Gamer’s parent company, KillaNet Technology Ltd., dating back to early in 2004. The non-profit volunteer-run digital media resource community often withstood DDoS attacks of thousands of megabytes per second, which often resulted in damage to web files and databases or total web server downtime, not to mention lost time in regards to community development and the loss of many hours of family time.

Thanks to their commitment to the case and the hard work of FBI Special Agent Brian Scott and US Attorney Matt Segal, the KillaNet Technology community is very happy to see an end in sight to this ordeal, and will be looking forward to the date of Greg King’s sentencing to US Federal prison.

A copy of the official US State Attorney’s office press release is available here in pdf format.

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2nd June 2008

Just A Little Fire

…and a big explosion.

If anyone is wondering where all of our servers disappeared to, there was an electrical fire and explosion in the Houston data centre Saturday afternoon which effectively knocked the whole building offline as there was no power, and the fire department ordered the generators disconnected. I know we should be very grateful – and we are – that the explosion and resulting fire weren’t much worse. At least we still have our servers and didn’t suffer any data loss. Of course, it’s also a great thing that no one working at the data centre was injured.

As you can tell, the centre now has power and we are once again online with all servers and sites functioning, including the IRC. So – welcome back. 🙂

There may be some intermittent outages over the next two weeks as rebuilding takes place in the data centre, and when they take Phase 1 off of generator power and integrate it back in with full building power. This will most likely be done on a Saturday night, which is when our servers are at their quietest. In the meantime, we will hopefully remain online without problems and continue moving ahead with the development of this site.

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22nd May 2008

VIGS Opens In Vancouver

Day one of the Vancouver Game Summit is now over, and day two is about to start – which leaves me very little time to file a full report with photos, I’ve just given all of you something to look forward to once VIGS and VIDfest are over. Consider this our trailer for great articles yet to come. There have been some great seminars, and today will be no different, culminating with the closing keynote address from members of the Call of Duty 4 development team. The seminars at tomorrow’s VIDfest look equally informative, and I’m looking forward to sharing all kinds of new information with our readers. Until then, I’m off to VIGS day two. Have a great day everyone.

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7th May 2008


Some sections are having content added and will be fully operational soon. Thank you for your patience as we build our new site. 🙂

Comments Off on Construction

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